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Why is it a growing trend?

   With obesity on the rise among Americans, there has been a steady annual increase in corporate health care and insurance cost. There is also an increased level of stress in the workplace. As a result, employers are finding that Corporate Fitness programs offer a proactive way to prevent health issues among their employees.

How does a Corporate Fitness program benefit employees?

   Employees involved in Fitness programs within the workplace feel better, have fewer accidents and injuries, have less incidence of illness and disease and more stamina. They lose weight, sleep better and have a greater degree of enjoyment of family, friends, and leisure. In addition, they handle stress and negative emotion more effectively, have increased job satisfaction and a greater general purpose in life.

          *Warm-Up Activities                          *Aerobic Conditioning

*Toning & Strength Training       *Stretching Exercises

Session would consist of, but not be limited to

How does a Corporate Fitness program benefit employers?

     A Corporate Fitness program can save a company significant healthcare dollars by offering employees an opportunity to stay healthy and fit while reducing absenteeism, staff turnover, on the job injuries, stress, insurance claims and compensation costs. Fitness programs can also increase morale, job satisfaction, effective teamwork and productivity. Long term benefits include productive satisfied employees (retention) and an industry reputation as an employee friendly corporation (attraction). There is really no downside to having a Corporate Fitness program.

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