1.  Overview & Consent Form must be read and signed before program participation.

2.  Session Time is based on a 60-minute time span. unless other arrangements have been made.

     To get the most out of your sessions, please be ready to exercise at the scheduled time.

3.  Rate per session, see Pricing Page 

4.  Cancellations and emergencies, unfortunately, do arise, so as a professional courtesy, there will be

No Charge On Sessions Canceled by 6:00pm The Night Before A Scheduled Appointment.

     This gives us time to fill that time slot.

And remember gang, consistent training is key!

5.  Weekend Bookings are also available, but once they are booked, they're booked! Except for the time        slot can be changed, if possible. 

6.  Payments should be made before the 1st session unless prior arrangements have been made. As a              courtesy, please be on time.

7.  Late Payments? Please Don’t be Late!!

8.  Returned Checks for any reason will be charged a $25.00 penalty plus other bank charges that
     apply. After the second (2nd) returned check, Cash payment will be required.

Train Hard Train Smart!!

*Subject to change

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