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Package #3
 $70.00 hr  (10 x) 1on1
 $95.00 hr  (10 x) 2on1

2x sessions per week

1on1 or 2on1 Fitness
Train in the privacy of your own Home or Office. We can also workout in the field using our equipment or the elements of the surrounding area.

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​​Corporate Fitness
We can also work with your company, by setting up a program to teach your employees great stretching and lifting skills in a
group setting that will get them on the rite path to a better & healthier life style, helping prevent on the job injuries. In-turn, helping your

staff be more productive and company being more prosperous. While at the same time, your health insurance rates will improve.

Package #6 
$55.00 hr  (25 x) 1on1
$80.00 hr  (25 x) 2on1

​5x sessions per week

Rates and Packages

Home, Office, Field or Private Training Gyms

These Private Training sessions are based on packages 1, 2 & 3

​-Rates do not include gym fees & travel time, if applicable-

Private Group Fitness
Please call for more information

Group Fitness
Sessions can be held in parks, beaches, or even up in the

hiking trails. Or invite friends over, and let's have a great time working-out in the privacy of your own home.

"Train more, Save more"
As low as $40.00 per hr.
These sessions are Packages 1-6 and are held in our Private Gym

Please call us for more information.
-Full payment is required before starting first session-

​​Package #5 
$60.00 hr  (20 x) 1on1
$85.00 hr  (20 x) 2on1

4x sessions per week

Corporate Fitness
Please call for more

Package #4
 $65.00 hr  (15 x) 1on1
 $90.00 hr  (15 x) 2on1

3x sessions per week

Package #1
$80.00 hr  1on1

$110.00 hr  2on1

1x session per week

Package #2

$75.00 hr   (6 x) 1on1
$100.00 hr   (6 x) 2on1

2x sessions per week

Real Fitness

​Rio Fun!