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Trainers, please contact "Geo" for Info or Appointment

1849 Sawtelle Blvd. #101

W. Los Angeles, CA. 90025

And we encourage Trainers to come in and train their clients!

The Magic Happens at...

This is our​ Personal Training Gym for 1on1 & Group Fitness.

We call it our "Little Gym, with Rio BIG Results"

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Geo (310) 420-8524

Katia (323) 401-5047

The CTC is still open for business as usual.

But a whole new Gym is in the works,

New equipment and a new look.

Pictures and Videos posted soon!

Please come back and check us out!!

"The CTC" website coming soon!

When you train here with us, it's like having your very own Private gym

Real Fitness

​Rio Fun!