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I've been dancing Samba for several years and now dance with a Brazilian Dance Company. I feel so lucky that I started my Samba journey with a great teacher, “Katia Vaz”, who inspired me to be a Samba dancer and helped me to build a good foundation. Katia is an amazing all-around dancer; besides Samba she's also a pro of all types of Latin and Ballroom dance. She has both precise technique and irresistible sensuality; her dance has a soul! Katia is not only a great dancer herself but also a hard-to-find good teacher. If you're trying to learn a new dance and want to do it right, Katia is the one you need to start clean and build a solid foundation. We all know that it's extra hard to get rid of a bad habit later.
Unfortunately, it's common if you start with a not so competent teacher. If you've been exposed to certain dance and would like to take it to the next level, Katia is the one to polish you, push you in a right way and help you to develop your own style. 
Ivy H
Financial/Compliance Auditor

Kasia G

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keeps things interesting with no training session ever being exactly alike. He is also a very kind and caring person, who never hesitates to go the extra mile for me to achieve my individual fitness goals. He provides just the right amount of motivation for me to push myself, and to go beyond what I think I can do. He makes the whole training process fun and I always look forward to the challenge he offers each session. He is not only the best personal trainer who motivates me, but also cares and keeps me in great shape, and is a great friend who I have known for 9 years.

I am so grateful for what George has helped me to accomplish. I seriously doubt I could have been in better or more knowledgeable hands. He is one of the most professional, reliable, honest, considerate, and patient people I know. George is always well prepared and

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Robert Wang

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Katia Vaz has been my private Latin dance teacher for nearly 3 years. My lessons have been primarily in L.A. Style Salsa but has branched into Latin Cha Cha and Brazillian Forro. She is very patient and knows both the leader and follow roles for an astounding number of Latin and western dance styles. When I first started my journey in Latin dance, I was below ground zero as I am Asian, but I recently returned from my first Latin wedding in Nicaragua, where I made people drop their jaws. I highly recommend Katia for any style of Latin or western dance that you desire to learn. 

William G

I first met Katia while I was searching for a good samba class. She is an amazing teacher! After taking her samba class for a few years, I decided to personal train with her in order for me to lose some weight.  Katia is a great motivator who pushes you beyond your limits. After training with her, I became happier and more confident with myself. Within a short amount of time, I noticed my body had become leaner and stronger than I ever thought was possible. Katia always encouraged and inspired me throughout my weight loss. She had a lot of great tips on what to eat and not to eat to maximize my weight loss goals.  I am so lucky to have met Katia and work with her as my personal trainer and dance teacher.  I would absolutely recommend her to anybody who wants to achieve his or her fitness goals.  Katia will be there every step of the way to guide you through your journey!
Kana W
Digital Annalist

Katia Vaz is an amazing dance instructor. She has an intimate knowledge of a dance's movements and sets and teaches both basic and advanced techniques. She can instruct from both the leader and follower positions. Many times this has helped me to understand a movement or technique she is teaching me. She emphasizes the connections between the partners so that you and your partner are always dancing together and are in control of your dance movements and emotional expressions. But beyond the technical aspects of dancing, Katia has a genuine love and concern for her students as people. She encourages each one to live a healthy lifestyle: to eat responsibly, exercise often, and sleep well. And she is concerned for their spiritual well-being also. She teaches that being healthy and at peace with one's self and with others in your life helps you to enjoy and express yourself as a dancer. She brings laughter, joy, and beauty to the dance floor!
James C
Mechanical Design Engineer Fontana, CA 

There are no words to describe how wonderful it has been for us to take dance lessons with Katia Vaz. Katia is a consummate professional, a champion dancer, but apart from that a truly wonderful person who cares about her students as individuals in a way few other teachers we know do. Katia will work you very hard and take you as far in dance as you want to go, but you will always feel that she cares about you, and though at times you will get tired, you will always be having great fun. Katia is about far more than dance. To say she has a healthy approach to life and competition would be a gross understatement. One would hope to see that in all teachers, but it is extremely rare in any teacher. Katia is unique, and if you have a chance to learn with her it will be a rare privilege and a real benefit to your life.​
Dawn and Glenn A 

Corporate Director and Attorney

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